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He's one of those artists who get everyone talking... DELON is as popular with a well-informed and demanding audience as it is with a wider public eager to share the dancefloor. That's DELON's strength: producing varied, club-oriented music with an eye for detail, musical research and real quality.
The godfather and pillar of electronic music in the south of France, founder of Apéro Techno, label manager of WOH / "Way Of House", ex-resident of legendary clubs in Montpellier, he is also a producer of electronic music under the name "DELON".
Greg Delon is one of the most emblematic DJs in the south of France.
"From Past And Present To Futur Sound" is the signature of Greg Delon's mixes, with an ever-renewed desire to introduce dancers to new music and share his passion and way of life with them.
The last few years have seen a return to production for the boss of WOH, who has embarked on a new project, "DELON", with the release of a new single. Here he affirms a more cutting-edge musical signature and a return to a deep melodic techno or afro house style.